Using Ichat with Video

1. Plug in the camera (this can be a digital video camera, an isight camera, or use the built in camera). Most camera’s are connected through a USB cable to the USB port on the side of your computer.

2. Open ichat by going to the HD, then applications, then double clicking ichat. (if the program does not open automatically)

3. When it has opened, click continue. Now enter your information:
• Enter your first and last name
• In the account type list choose .MAC account
• Enter your account name (if you do not have an account see the note at the bottom of the page to set one up)
• Enter your password
• Click continue

4. Click continue twice more (these steps are not needed to have an iChat account so click continue twice to pass them)
Caution: You can choose to set up a “Bonjour” or a Jabber account. Neither of these are necessary to video conference.

5. Now you should see the camera image on the computer screen (make sure the camera is turned on). Click continue and then click done.
Caution: If the video camera is not turned on then the video conference will not work correctly.

6. A window should open that says “Buddy List”
• To add a person, hit the plus sign at the bottom left side of the screen.

• Now click the “new person” button. (The person you add must have an AOL account or a .Mac account)
• Now you can type in a new address that you want added.
• Click Add when done and it should show up on your list.
7. To do the video chat, click the name of the person you wish to chat with (you must first add them as a buddy), then click the green camera button at the top right of the list.

Caution: First select the “Buddy” or user then click the green video chat button, this will designate who you are inviting to chat.

If you encounter any problems with the program you can select Help at the top of the screen, it will drop down a menu where you can select iChat Help. Or to access it directly push the Apple Button and the ?. You can ask any question or present any problem here.

• NOTE: if you don’t have an AOL account or a .Mac account, you can sign up for a free 60-day .Mac account. (Then even when that .Mac account expires, you can still use it for iChatting.) Go to the following site to get a free .Mac account: Scroll down and hit the free trial button. (For a better set of directions see the next page with the heading “To Set Up a .Mac Account” )

To Set Up a .Mac Account
1. Open a web browser/the internet. Navigate to the website Scroll down and hit “Sign up now for free trial.”
2. Fill in the personal information.
a. First name, Last name
b. Email Address
c. Address
d. Create a username and password
e. Date of Birth
f. Password Question
g. Agree to terms and conditions.
h. Image Verification
WARNING: All of the information you enter will need to be referenced in the future. The most important part is the email address, which needs to be fully functioning.

I have all of the following information in a help document with pictures. YOu may request that document by emailing me at

Video Chat Instructions for Windows Users

1. Instal AIM (AOL Instant Messenger). Go to this website: and click the Install Now Button.

Note: If your computer came installed with Aim, skip to step 7.

2. Click Run, after the download is complete.
3. Select I Agree when it comes to the Terms and Conditions Page.
Caution: If you do not select “I Agree,” you will be unable to keep going after this step. If you select Disagree on accident, reload the Aim program and select I Agree.

4. Select the “Recommended” installation when the page appears.
Caution: If you select the “Custom” Installation it will require more set-up and advanced knowledge.

5. Do not select either download after the installation is complete. A page will automatically appear and you simply need to click continue (twice).

6. Press the Launch button at the bottom of the Congratulations message that appears.

7. Apply for an AOL Screen name.
If you already have one skip down to step 12

When the AIM program comes up (or if it doesn’t there should be an AIM icon on your desktop where you can load the program), there will be a bar for you to put in your screen name. Directly below it is a link that says Get a Screen Name. Click This.

8. Select “Use an existing e-mail address as a Screen Name” when the page appears.
Note: Selecting “Create an Account” will take you into another process of creating an account, for the general Aim user it’s easier to use an existing email address.

9. Fill in the requested information.
A. Email Address
B. Password
C. Create a secret question and answer
D. Enter your birth date
E. Select Gender
F. Select your Country
G. Enter your Zip Code
H. Type in the words in the security image

10. Open the email from AOL that looks like this:

Select “Yes, I made this request and I want to reserve this email.”
Note: After submitting the information from step 9, you will have to wait for the email from step 10. The email may take anywhere from a few minutes to a full day.

11. Confirm your password by typing it into the space provided.
Note: You will need to use the password you used in step 9.

12. Load AIM
Note: The Aim program should have an icon on your desktop, if not it will be under the Start Menu.
13. Enter in your new email and password
14. Select Edit and then Add Buddy to add a buddy, put in a screen name and their email address.
Caution: If you do not enter in the correct email address at this point you will not be able to connect correctly to the user.

15. Plug in a video camera or webcam, the webcam will have to be compatible with windows. The easiest way is if your computer has a factory installed camera inside of it.

16. Select the buddy you wish to have the video conference with.

17. Select Actions in the bottom hand corner of the Aim Menu, and select Video Conference.

18. A video conference will begin and you will see the face of the person you selected. If set up properly and with the right equipment, Audio and Video should transfer from both computers.