Virtual Field Trips

Have a Goal
"One thing I look for is a purpose," don't just take the students through some pictures but also have them searching for particular information and learning in-depth, specific things about their topic." In other words, make sure the trip explores an idea, not just a place.

Keep It Short
"The only way you make these successful is if you figure out how you can do them very quickly or after school."

Continue the Lesson Offline
supplements their virtual trips by bringing in food, music, or clothing from the cultures they're exploring.

Link Up
Help students and teachers develop their own field trips to share with schools around the world. After all, who knows how to teach the geography of the Mississippi River better than a Midwestern teacher, or the history of the Spanish missions better than her California counterpart? compare notes afterward via blogs or online chats.

Know the Limits
Virtual field trips work well for some teaching goals, but less so for others. They're useful for helping students learn about remote destinations, and some students may find online chats just as instructive as face-to-face lessons.
But if your goal is to foster a healthy appreciation for the outdoors, Marcinkowski says, you'll have to go outside.

There are 4 Parts to a Virtual Field Trip:
  1. trip journal
  2. virtual visit
  3. ask expert tool
  4. hosted web chat