Welcome Back!

Laptop Announcements:
  1. Badgley/Jageler job split
  2. Newsletter (if you want an article in the newsletter, if you send a picture and the article, I will put it in the layout, otherwise we won’t have much in the newsletter)
  3. New student tech standards (multiple literacies in the L.A. curriculum)
  4. Especially elementary teachers, if you have any chargers, or long cords that you are not using – please return them to Nicole. She will store them for you. If you have a laptop designated for one of your students, and they don’t show up, please give them back to Nicole so we can use them elsewhere.
  5. iWeb publish to a folder settings. (Picture)
  6. monitoring YouTube and other inappropriate sites means you have to move – and monitor. The teachers who complain the most are probably the ones who are not moving around in their classroom keeping kids on task.
  7. Logins for students did not change from last year. If they had an account last year, their username and password has not changed.
  8. Any new students, including kindergarten, their username is their first initial and their last name, and their password is their first name as spelled in powerschool or the lunch program.
  9. AR passwords also have not changed since last year. Same routine.
  10. The school web site:
    1. if you have a picture and a caption of something you have been doing in your class, or have taken while you were at activities please send it to me for the front page of the school web site. I like to change it often, but I am not going to be as able to get around and take pictures this year.
    2. If you are the sponsor of a club, organization, activity or sport, (Or just a cool project you would like me to link to) please make an iweb page about it. Include the roster, dates for activities, pictures, videos, or anything else you might want on it. Then send me the link so I can link it from the school web page.
  11. I need to bootcamp the 7-12 grade students the first week of school.
    1. I will do the 9-10th grade students in my English class
    2. Mr. Harvey asked that we do the 7and8th during either 7th or 8th hour the first week while we are waiting for Callaway to get started. Any volunteers to give up a class period or two?
    3. Any suggestions when I can do the seniors or the juniors?
  12. You will be doing the Standards and the Tech Walk forms again this year. You can download them here: and

PowerSchool Training
  1. Pass the notepad for username, and passwords for PS to give to Penny. If you have a login for elementary and high school, give both. She will keep it as a backup and only use it if you are not in the building and she is trying to do report cards or telephone troubleshooting with PS.
  2. Powerschool address change: http://powerschool.arnold.k12.ne.us:8080/teachers
  3. Jag and Jeff might have to do a java update, I have sent the link for the quick download in case your gradebook program does not work. Please do that quick install.
  4. Quarter classes, and 5th grade band don't have students in them because we need to determine when each one will take place. Please give Penny a list. (NOTE: you will need to see Penny about setting term weights since you have different rules.)
  5. Attendance. You must take attendance each period!:
    1. Submit their school activity lists for sports, field trips, speech, HAL stuff, mock trial, organizations, or class trips to Penny and she will put them in PS for attendance ahead of the date so it says school activity.
    2. If parents call in in the morning, she will try to get the attendance put in before 2nd hour for you.
    3. Wednesday, K-6 has to have their attendance done by 9 a.m.
    4. Your attendance choices have changed to only tardy, in attendance or absent because of state reporting issues. (Unexcused is not an option) If you feel that a student is absent because of skipping, you need to send an email to Penny and Mr. Harvey so they can track it down.
    5. Tanner Osborne and Dana Gibson needs to remain in the gradebook and in attendance, AR, STAR, etc. because they are an official Arnold student and we can’t remove them. The same goes for any students who have left the district and have not officially tried to register in another district.
  6. If your classes are not in the correct order, and you want them reordered by period of the day, please send Penny a quick email with them listed in the correct order and she will make the changes.
  7. DON'T DO ANY DROP AND ADD FROM YOUR GRADEBOOKS. PENNY NEEDS TO MAKE THESE CHANGES SO THINGS WILL WORK PROPERLY AND EASILY FOR YOU! By Wednesday, please submit your real class list of students (after drop and add) to Penny. It is easier to make all the changes for one class at once, rather than slip by slip. Penny has provided a list (hand it out) for you to use the first day and then write any changes on the sheet by Wednesday and return to Penny.
  8. There are more powerschool reports to choose from so you might take a sometime to look around.

Gradebook Set Up Time:
  1. Change the current term in the upper left corner to first quarter of 2009-2010
  2. Go the Powerteacher gradebook menu and click preferences
    1. Make sure it is set to rounded if you want your grades to round up when Penny does report cards.
  3. The class content tab is new. This is a great place to add links for this particular course. (Such as a hyperlink to the web page where your lesson plans are.)
    1. Select the class from your list in the top left corner
    2. Click the class content tab
    3. Now click the “add link” button (small and gray) the window will change
    4. Now click the “my content” tab
    5. In the URL box paste the web address for your teacher web page (your lesson plans, the page where kids can download your worksheets, assignments, rubrics, etc., or the site where you have student do work such as blogs, wikis, or discussion forums) for this particular class.
    6. Now in the link text box, this is the words that will appear in Powerschool that will be clicked. Such as “English 12 web page for lessons and downloads.”
    7. NOTE: this will stay for the entire year, so you don’t have to change this each time you change your lesson plans.
    8. Repeat the same steps for each of your classes.
  4. Now you will need to set your grade categories (even if you are only using 1 category for everything)
    1. Before you can add assignments, you have to have categories. You can either use the predefined categories or create your own – same as last year.
    2. Select the class from your list in the top left corner
    3. Click the tools menu and choose categories
    4. If you want to create a new category, click the + button. If you want to delete a category, click the minus button. You must check “include in final grade” for the category to effect the overall grade.
    5. To do your term weights (default setting is 50%) for each class:
      1. Select the class from your list in the top left corner
      2. Click the grade set up tab
      3. Click S1
      4. Click the term weights radio button
      5. Click S2
      6. Click the term weights radio button
      7. Repeat for all of your classes
    6. f. To do your category weights:
      1. Select the class from your list in the top left corner
      2. Click the grade set up tab
      3. Click Q1
      4. You will choose total points (if you don’t want any grades weighted) OR
      5. You will choose category weights
      6. Click add category (select all that you will be using)
      7. Now set the weights (example: AR is 20% of an English grade, 20% for grammar, 20% for literature, etc.)
      8. Click Q2
      9. Repeat the steps from above for each quarter
      10. Repeat for all of your classes