Student Boot Camp Fall 2010

6th grade: You will get to use laptps in the building on a checkout basis until second semester. Then we will determine by behavior if you are ready to take them home.

  1. The difference between a right a privledge
  2. Random spot checks of computers, especially for those on the downlist
  3. 3 strikes rule (we will be keeping track and writing them down)
    1. for repair – AUP violations – leaving laptops lay – etc.
    2. No watching movies on yoru laptops from a DVD during the school day
    3. No gaming, facebook, instant messaging etc.
  4. Put dots on your chargers and long cords
  5. Tags on bags, names, and where you can put them
    1. No stickers
    2. No bags in the bathrooms/locker rooms, hot or cold cars
    3. No drinks or food
    4. Weight of Bags = stripes
  6. Time management without internet at home
    1. No dial up
    2. No blue tooth
  7. Number of copies going through copiers is unacceptable
    1. Empty last sheets in word
  8. Set up printers.
    1. Set up your duplex printing (check to see if the image held it)
    2. Print footers will show up on yoru documents.
    3. No color printing or I will charge
    4. duplexing
  9. Synching your home directory
    1. Check your synching prefs
    2. Explain difference between recent items and documents folders
    3. Show the directory system and how to create folders (no music or movies on the desktop or in the documents folder)
    4. Make a movies folder
    5. Burn cds of purchased music
  10. Go over email accounts (addresses, , rules, attachments, etc.)
    1. Bookmark address for out of house:
    2. Log into email and fill in the options section with your real first name and last before you use your account.
    3. You email accoun is:
    4. Send Mrs. Badgley an email so I can confirm it is working. I will reply if it works.
    5. School blogs and wikis can be found here.:
    6. Cyberbullying in email or web sites (consequences)
  11. Set up Go-Connect To-Server addresses
    1. Delete
    2. Add: aps.osx.private
    3. Add:
    4. Add: (for RN)
  12. Bookmark AR/STAR web Site:
  13. Applications downloaded on the desktop won’t work. You have filled my server
  14. Music and movies and pictures that are no t in the right location will be deleted by the server automatically. Burn cds of your purchases
  15. Don’t drag applications to the desktop, put them on yoru dock.
  16. Print footers will show up on yoru documents.
  17. DVD drive set up
  18. The date on your computer matters…
    1. Handing in assignments
    2. Email submits
    3. Using AR or STAR
    4. Could mess up your synching process
  19. Powerschool passwords
  20. Internet Safety Reminders:
    1. Net predators (people are not who they pretend to be)
    2. Cyberbullies
    3. Computer viruses
    4. Hate web sites (some are true, some are not quite accurate and some are downright lies. You will lose your ocmputer if you are involved in a hate site using your laptop)
    5. Password safety (don’t use your pet’s names, your name, or anthing that can be guessed easily. How many of you have the word husker in your password?)
    6. Spyware and adware (viruses)
    7. How to lose tomorrow’s job or scholarship (a web site can tell embarrassing stories, friends posting to your site can also get you into trouble)
    8. What you say may be forever (archives are saved forever – Wayback Machine)
    9. Spam attack (identity theft and junk mail)
    10. Bad netiquette (they can see you are teasing)