Use Remote Desktop for Watching Students

To get started using Remote Desktop:
  • Put in serial number
  • It asks for a password
  • Click the Continue button (you don't need to worry about these settings)
  • Click Done on the next screen
  • Click the File menu and choose new list
  • You will need to name the new list. This might be a class name, a graduating year, a sports team, or teachers
  • Now you need to add computers to this list to observe and work with so...
  • Pick the scanner list on the left. YOu should see any computers which are turned on, and accessible at the moment. If the teacher or student has their computer closed or off, you will not see them in the list. YOu will have to wait until their computer is available.
  • Click on the name you want to add to your list and then drag it from the scanner list onto the newly named list.
  • When the pop up menu shows, fill in the username and password to authenticate. (I will email this list of passwords to the teachers) Note: All computers are either march2008, leftyfrizell, or Arnold Public Schools

To View What a Student is doing on their computer follow these steps:
1. Launch remote desktop
2. Click the name of the computer in the scanner list
3. Add the computer to your master list
4. Click the computer name in the master list.
5. Click the binoculars on the toolbar at the top of the screen to just observe. OR
6. Click the bullseye button next to the binoculars to observe and possibly take control and move their mouse. (You will see their screen as an overlay on your screen view.)

If you find someone doing something wrong, follow these steps...

If you find someone doing something wrong, follow these steps...

7. If you see them doing something inappropriate that the administration should know about click the camera button to capture the screen view as a picture to your desktop. This can be used for proof later of wrongdoing.
8. You may also lock their screen with a message by closing the viewing screen and then using the master list click the lock button and write a message to the student whom you are locking and submit. Then go get the student and bring them to the principal, the superintendent, or Mrs. Badgley.

Remote Desktop To Send Files Onto Kids Computers

PDF file link:

This week I was asked about a way to get files to a student computer quickly, when the student struggles to go get files from their teacher web site, or from a drop box on the server. These are the directions I shared.
One way for teachers to put files onto the desktops fo the student computers is to use Apple Remote Desktop. The steps can be very simple.
1. Remote Desktop can be found in the applications folder.
2. Create a list by clicking the File Menu, and “new list.”
3. Name the list (you could name it for the class of kids you have).
4. Click the scanner button so that the student computers begin to appear.
5. Drag the student computer (named in the DNS column) on top of the new list name.
6. You may be asked to put in the admin username and password for that student’s computer. (If you can’t remember these usernames and passwords, come see me.)

Once all the students are in the list. Then you can begin to copy the files to their computers - quick and simple.
1. Make sure all the students have their computers on, open, and awake before beginning the next steps.
2. Click on the list.
3. Click one name in the list, then hold the command button and hit the A key. This should select all the names in the list.
4. Once they are all selected, then you can click the “copy” button, or click the “Manage” menu, then “copy items.”
5. A new menu will appear. (See Figure 1.1)
6. Click the plus button in the upper left corner and then select the file you want to put on the student computers.
7. Then choose the location where you want to save the file on the student computer. (I prefer their desktop and then have them file it where they want later.)
8. You can also have it automatically open by checking the box that says “open items.”
This can be useful for last minute files, sharing files in group projects, lesson plans, web link lists for younger students to click, etc.

Remote Desktop Tricks
To Set Static addresses to DHCP and clear the DNS servers:
  1. choose the computers you want to do this on
  2. run a unix shell command on the target computer type:
on line one: networksetup –setdhcp “Built-In Ethernet”
on line two: networksetup –setdnsservers “Built-In Ethernet” “empty”
on line three: networksetup –setsearchdomains “Built-In Ethernet” “empty”

To Delete Movies, Music, Pictures from Home Directory

  1. Do one student at a time and use the same username in each of the five lines to be sure to be done easily for each student
  2. choose the server
  3. run a unix shell command on the target computer type:
on line one: rm –rf /Volumes/People/Data/username/Movies/*
on line two: rm –rf /Volumes/People/Data/username/Music/*
on line three: rm –rf /Volumes/People/Data/username/Pictures/*
on line four: rm –rf /Volumes/People/Data/username/Sites/*
on line five: rm –rf /Volumes/People/Data/username/Public/*
To Clear DHCP Leases for People when there are a lot of conflicts:
  1. Choose the server
  2. Run a unix shell command on the target computer type:
on line one: killall bootpd
on line two: rm –rf /var/db/dhcpd_leases