In the Web Gradebook
  • if you type = then hit the return, it will put in the total points possible that can be earned. (The student will receive a 100% without typing all the numbers)
  • if you type * and then hit return to mark as a late paper

On the Start page, when you log in
  • To check parent access for one your students: if you click the backpack, then click the name on the left. This will give you a quick look up page. then you need to click "net access summary." That will show when the last time was a parent logged in, and the last time the student logged in.
  • To check if you remembered to take attendance for a day: use the quick look up, meeting attendance. If you discover that you forgot to take attendance then you can send Penny a message about what is missing.

For Report Cards or Mid Term Reports
  • Elementary teachers might really like this! To print a one page document of all of your student's grades, you can print the Quick Look Up screen. Click the backpack on the main screen, then click the name on the left, and change the screen to quick look up. Then you can print!