Reports for Parent-Teacher Conferences can be custom set by each teacher, but here is one example you might choose to follow.
  1. Login to Powerschool
  2. Launch the gradebook program
  3. Once the power teacher gradebook program there are 6 tabs or buttons across the top.
  4. Choose the Reports tab/button
  5. choose the name of the report you want to run from the list
  6. A criteria tab will appear in the bottom half of the screen to fill in. This is where you customize the report you want to print. (NOTE: for the sake of this example I am clicking the individual student report.)
  7. under output type, choose PDF so you can print it later without any further work
  8. You can then choose either selected class or active classes (if you choose active classes then it will run report for all the classes you have students in during the day. If you choose selected classes, then you will have to go back and run reports for each class individually.)
  9. Enrolled students will get you all the kids in the classes choice (if you choose selected students you will have to run several individually)
  10. Student field: this is the section to sort the reports for printing. I usually leave it with the default setting.
  11. Abbreviate: this will abbreviate the assignments and categories. (This is especially nice if you have a lot of assignments to put in this report, otherwise it will not abbreviate it.)
  12. The include section is your choice. You can include all of them, or only specific ones.
  13. Setting the data range is important. If you only want the report for this quarter, you have to set the dates from the beginning of the quarter to the current date. If you choose "manual" then you will type in the date. Otherwise you can choose by the term (quarter or semester).
  14. Then click Run report.
  15. The report will then either download to your desktop, or into your downloads folder. Once it is downloaded it may automatically open, or you can double click it to open and then print.