To get started immediately and begin taking advantage of the Web Gradebook, perform the following tasks:

How To Log On to Powerschool Teacher:
  1. Open your web browser to
  2. Enter your username and password
  3. To launch the gradebook, click the Web Gradebook on the left side.
  4. Click Trust when the window appears.
  5. There may be a Java script window that runs, give it a second or two.

To Select the Grading Term:
  1. Once the web gradebook is launched, the window will default open to the first class in the upper left corner, and to its scoresheet.
  2. Change classes by click the name of the course in the upper left corner
  3. The term will default to the current term set by Penny in the office. However, you can change the term by clicking the down arrow.

To View a Class Roster:
  1. Select the class in the upper left.
  2. Click the students tab
  3. You can also filter the class (using the pop up menu)

Set Up Terms:
  • Term Weights for year long classes should be 50% and 50% for each of the semesters (for each class)
  • You must manipulate whether you want your grades to round up or not.
  • You must set up grade settings for each quarter, for each semester. There are no default settings.
  • If you teach a quarter class, don’t set any settings for any other quarter, or for the semesters, otherwise it will try to calculate. Simply use the total points settings instead of the Term weights.
  • The same goes for semester classes that are only offered one semester. Don’t set quarter settings or semester settings for the “off” semester.

Categories: To view categories, you do not need to select a class. Simply navigate to the Categories window using the Gradebook menu bar.
  1. Go to the Tools Menu and choose Categories.
  2. A window will appear with the categories listed on the left side
  3. If you set up categories last year, you will see them in the listing. If you are new categories, then keep reading...
  4. Click the plus button to add a category. You can set the name, abbreviation, color, points possible, score type, include in final grade, and description.
  5. You can also edit the category and save the changes.
  6. To delete a category, select the category and click the minus button. Click OK to save.

There are a couple of ways to add an assignment:
  • You can click the assignments tab to add several assignments at once, or just one.
  • You can also click the socresheet tabe and add an assignment by click the plus button above the names of the students enrolled.

Add an Assignment:
  1. Select the class
  2. Click either the scoresheet tab and the plus button or click the assignment tab and add.
  3. Click new assignment plus button
  4. Fill in the table. (make sure the date is within the grading term you want it to appear in.)
  5. To make the assignment visible to parents, you have several choices. When you click the assignment (after it is put in), the details window appears on the screen. There are two tabs for the details window: assignment and publish. The program defaults to publish immediately, however, you can add assignments either immediately, on specific dates, days before it is due, or on due date.

Filtering and Sorting Assignments:
  • Filter by reporting term or by category can be done on the assignments tab
  • Sorting assignments

Final Grades:
  • Before you tell Penny that you are done with grades, you need to go into each class and analyze if the grades seem accurate or not.
  • Do you want them rounded? (Go the PowerGradebook Menu, choose Preferences from the list. YOu can set to rounded or truncated to a specific decimal amount.)
  • Do you want to manually override? Manual overriding grades (where would you do this and why?) If you choose to override, please let Penny know, just in case. (In the Final grade column of the scoresheet, you can double click the score and put in your own score.)
  • Check your category weights to be sure they are balancing and calculating correctly. Check your term weights. Check that each assignment is in the right grading term according to the date on the assignment. Check that each assignment is listed as the correct amount of points earned and points possible.
  • Did the semester score turn out the way you think it should? If you are unsure of anything please talk to Penny or Nicole.

Reports: Click the reports tab within the Gradebook, and click the appropriate report title. Fill in the table with the appropriate information.
  • Attendance report grid (page 48)
  • Individual student report (page 49)
  • Missing assignment report (page 50)
  • Spreadsheet report coming soon
  • Student roster coming soon

Other Useful Items in the PowerSchool Manual:
  • class groups and how to set them up.
  • view assignment stats on page 38
  • marking an assignments as collected, late, exempt on page 38-39
  • using the score inspector for other information, comments, on page 41

To Quit the Gradebook:
  • From the Gradebook menu bar, choose file and save
  • From the menu bar then click quit Gradebook
  • Click logout in the navigation bar.