How To Green Screen With Photo Booth
1. Open Photo Booth. If you do not have it located on your dock, click on you hard drive where it says MacHD.
2. Then click on applications and scroll down to Photo Booth.
3. When you have found it double click on it so that the program will open up.
4. When Photo Booth is open there should be 3 buttons in the lower left hand corner that will look like this similar to this

external image 0clip_image002.png
5. The 3rd button that is shaded represents the video clip button. If you click on this you will be able to record videos.
6. In the lower right hand side there should be a button that says effects and then click on it.
external image 0clip_image004.pngAfter you click Effects then 2 arrows should appear.
8. Click on the right arrow it will take you through a series of effects that you can choose from. Keep clicking on the right arrow until the effects screens say Drag Backdrop Here.
9. When you have reached that Click on any picture that you would want as you background and drag it into on of the squares that say Drag Backdrop Here.

10. Once the background you like is in the backdrop screen click on that backdrop. The screen will then appear with you backdrop and will say Please Step Out Of Frame so step out of view of the camera. Note: make sure that the surrounding behind you are still and there is no motion.
11. Step out of the Frame so your backdrop will load then when the Please Step Out Of Frame fades off you may step back into the camera.
12. Then click on the red center button that looks like a video camera and it will start to record.
13. When you are finished recording a center button will appear with a square in it that will stop the recording if you click on it.

How To Green Screen In Imovie
Supply’s you will need for this is a green background. It can range from a green wall to a green blanket. Note: the whole entire background out what you are filming has to be GREEN.
1. Open IMovie and import your video or picture that you recorded with the in front of the green screen and what you want your new background that will take place of the green screen.
2. Once they are imported drag the background that is NOT the green screen into your project. Note: there will be a sign that says, “Drag media here to create a new project.
3. The take the movie or picture that you took in front on the Green Screen and adjust the time and part of the clip that you want.
4. Once it is adjusted take that clip and drag it right on top of the background that you placed there earlier in step 2.
5. A menu will come up on the clip you just inserted and it will have a variety of choices but choose Green Screen.
6. It will then replace the green with your new background.
7. Then on the clip with your background adjust the time to that of your clip with the green screen.
8. After you adjusted the time you can drag the clip with the green screen and stretch it so the time equals the other clip.
9. That is all you need to do to create the movie with your different background and you can also add audios if you would like to.

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