Breaking Through the Filter

(NOTE: this only works using Safari or Netscape. Firefox has it disabled.)

Many of you have requested the ability to get past the school filter to get to certain sites with your students and for lesson planning. This method allows you to break through the filter temporarily which is compromising the rest of the network. Other people, including students, are able to get past the filter on their computers without authentication. However, you might want to keep in mind that there is a record of each time you break the filter, the time that you authenticated, the time that you closed that authentication, and the web sites you are going to. There is no record of students who used the network unfiltered while you were authenticated.

The following steps are intended only for your use - and not for passing around to an entire class of students. If you want to authenticate on a student computer under your supervision, that is another issue, but you should not hand out your password to any students. If you suspect that a student knows you email password, please change it before using this process.

  1. Once you get a Access Denied window and you feel like it is a worthwhile site for YOU, as the teacher, to use on your computer or for a demonstration for your class, click the "For further options, click here" link.
  2. Click option 1 "Click Here" link (Not the username and password below in option 2! It will NOT work.)
  3. A pop up window will appear asking if you want to show the certificate, just hit Continue.
  4. The main browser window will change again and there will be several fields to fill in: username (only the first part of your email example: nbadgley)
  5. Then put in your email password.
  6. The domain window only has one choice so leave that one alone.
  7. In the alias drop down menu, you will need to choose "Users_Arnold_esu10_project42"
  8. Click Login
  9. You must leave the tiny window open the entire time you are visiting a blocked site, or it will quit working. In the larger window you should see the site that you were trying to get to.
  10. As soon as you are done using that site, you will need to close the tiny window to put the filter back in place.