Blocking Unwanted Email (SPAM) With the ESU 10 Online Email

1. Go to
2. Login with you email address and password
3. On the My Account Screen you will see a DSPAM Opt In/Out link.
4. Click on that link.
5. Select Yes and then Next
6. Now click close.
7. Logout of the Yams screen
8. Go to your email and log in like normal
9. Instead of composing a message, go to the addresses link and click
10. Now click the “add address” link
11. The nickname to fill in is “spam” (without the quotes)
12. The email address is: (fill in your email address behind the hyphen)
13. The first name is spam
14. The last name is junk
15. Click the “add address” box below
16. Now add another address
17. The nickname is “notspam” (with out the quotes)
18. The address is (without the quotes)
19. First name is notspam
20. Last name is junk
21. Click “add address” box
22. Now, Click the “options” link
23. Now, click “message filters”
24. Click the “new” link
25. Change the following settings on your screen
26. Match: Subject
27. Contains:{SPAM}
28. Move to: trash
29. Click submit

Teach your email which messages are spam and which are not. This may take a few days…

30. Return to your inbox
31. Open a message you think is spam and click the forward link
32. In the to: put spam
33. And click send
34. Delete the message from your inbox.
35. As you continue to read your email, (all of them, for a while) as you find things that are spam, click the forward button and send to spam.
36. At least once a day, while you are training your email, you might want to check your trash and make sure it is not grabbing other email you might want and calling it spam.
37. If you find a message in your trash that is not spam, forward it to “notspam” and it will retrain your email system.