Troubleshooting the Distance Learning Room:

Recording a class using the D.L. computer:
  1. click the Digital vcr button the touchscreen
  2. hit the red dot record button.
  3. at the end of the session, click the record button again and it will stop an save.

Downloading a podcast from the D.L. computer to put on another computer:
  1. Put a jump drive into the USB port on the front of the DL computer. (In the lower right part of the screen a small menu window will appear that says device discovered.)
  2. Go to the D://digitalvcr folder.
  3. Look for the file you need (After HS is a # and then what looks like the numbers that represent the date of the recorded class.)
  4. Right click with the mouse and choose "send to"
  5. pick compression folder
  6. then click the compression folder and right click to "send to"
  7. Navigate to the jump drive. (This needs to be a big jump drive - 2 gb is best since the class file will be large). If you don't have one, go ask Mrs. Badgley to borrow hers.
  8. Then in the lower left you will need to eject the jump drive safely. Another window will appear, pick the jump drive (or the USB) and you tell it to close.
  9. Then you may remove the jump drive and put into another computer for someone to watch, to upload to a web page, or to email to someone.