Sending files by email on the office Copier:

0. Put the document in the copier.
1. Press the "Image Send" button on the copier
2. On the left side of the screen click the button that says "Fax" and change it to Scan
3. Click on the screen either Address entry button on the screen
4. enter the address you are emailing to OR choose the address from the list. (If you make a wrong choice go back to the image send button (on the copier, not on the screen)
5. If sending an email you must click the To: button on the screen then fill in the address by typing
6. click the ok button on the top right of the screen
7. the hit the black and white circle copier button the machine to enact the papers going through the machine.
8. Watch that the data light next to the image send button is green and that it goes out... then you can begin to do the next send or entry or leave.