Rules for Technology Integrated Classroom:

First teachers need to decide: what distractions you don't want, what behaviors you do want, and realize that they will multitask...
(Keep in mind, these are only sample rules. They can be copied, changed, added to, etc)
  1. When I say "lids down," I mean now.
  2. When in my class, work on my class work and projects. You should have planned ahead and worked on other class homework before this class started.
  3. Digital cheating is the worst kind. I give zeros for copying and pasting answers from the Internet. I also give zeros for plagiarism and copyright violation. I also give zeros for file sharing, which is just like copying a person's paper, only worse. (You didn't even take the time to hand write the answers forcing you to think a little bit about the material.) But I promise to change how I ask questions so that you are forced to think for yourself anyway. That way you won't be tempted to cheat.
  4. Surfing inappropriate sites during my class will result in me taking your laptop away for the rest of the class.
  5. I allow you to use your music in my class, but with only one headphone in. I want you to be able to hear when I am talking to other students and answering questions. That is part of the classroom experience and learning opportunities.
  6. Just as I have always collected paper assignments at the beginning of class by passing them to the front, it is the same for submitting assignments digitally. You need to submit them (via email, dropbox, or printing) when I ask so they are time stamped during my class period, not later - you might forget.
  7. If you lose your laptop in my class, I will provide a paper and pencil option for doing my assignments.
  8. Internet safety is key. Never reveal your name or personal information on the Internet. Don't even give any clues that could allow to lead to you.
  9. 2-1-0 earphone rules
Other Rules:
  1. There's no such thing as a dumb question, or a dumb answer.
  2. None of us is perfect
  3. It's ok to say "I don't know"
  4. Take risks. Try new things.
  5. If you don't understand, ask.
  6. If you don't agree, say so, then explain your thoughts
  7. No teasing, put-downs or sarcasm
  8. Disagree with ideas, don't criticize people
  9. Have a mind of your own
  10. Enjoy and learn.

Traditional Rules:
  1. I want to teach the behaviors I want to see. I punish harder for lying and excuses than I do for late papers. REspect me enough to tell the truth.
  2. There will be no leaving my classroom. My classes are so exciting that you won't want to leave anyway!
  3. You may call me Mrs. B or Mrs. Badgley, and I will call you by your preferred name.
  4. No pseudo obscenities. We all know what you really wanted to say.
  5. No negative remarks. This is a learning environment, and people work better in a positive environment.

Classroom Policies

1. Being prepared is a sign of brilliance; bring your laptop charged everyday.

2. I appreciate manners; please close your laptop lid when I am talking.

3. Please leave your cell phones in your locker, we don’t need any distractions.

4. If you wish to listen to your iTunes, ipod or mp3 player, please only use one ear phone so you can hear what is going on around you during work time.

5. Please refrain from watching television shows, movies, and YouTube videos during the school day. It is against the school policy and simply a distraction to learning. I will take away your laptop for any infractions.

6. I am ready and willing to help you most of the time, but please don’t interrupt a class in progress to get help.

7. A messy desk is a sign of being overwhelmed with work. I would appreciate you not putting more on my desk, it could get lost. Wait and speak directly to me.

8. With the fear of ruining a laptop, no drinks will be allowed in the classroom.

9. I am interested in your education, so I prefer you use class time to work on schoolwork, not entertainment.