Creating Bookmark Folders in Your Web Browswer:

Each browser might be a little different, but for the most part each one has the same functions. The user is going to manage their bookmarks. At first, you can simply bookmark as you find sites you would like to return to or that you will ask your students to visit later. But after a little while, that list will get very long and unmanageable. It is better to create the folders from the beginning.

For Firefox:
  1. Go to the Bookmarks folder
  2. Click Organize bookmarks
  3. In the main window you should see a toolbar, a menu and unsorted bookmarks.
  4. Click the Menu option and we can make the folders here.
  5. There is a button that says "Organize" and you can click "New Folder."
  6. Name the folder for your unit (It might be by the book title, a unit title, a specific topic from your text, etc)
  7. Once that is done, you then can begin surfing. When you find a site, click the bookmark menu.
  8. Click "bookmark this page"
  9. Another window will appear which allows you to save the bookmark to a specific location by navigating to the appropriate folder.
  10. change the name of the bookmark to help you remember what the page contains.
  11. Change the folder name to the folder you created for this unit.
  12. You might want to include a "tag" which allows you to search your bookmarks later for related topics, but this is optional.
  13. Click Done.

Most browsers have the same basic features and methods. Give it a try for yourself! Happy surfing and saving.