Using Blogs in the Classroom:

Students, to create a blog of your own here are the steps you need to follow:
  1. Go to
  2. Click create new blog. (Another window will appear.)
  3. Fill in the form that includes your email address, password, word verification, and display name (This how the world will see your name so include your first name, and your last initial but not any other personal information.)
  4. Fill in the next form window to name your blog. For your accelerated reader journal, please name the blog as JohnWenglishBlog (go ahead and capitalize your first name, capitalize your last name's initial, lowercase the word English, and capitalize the word Blog with no spaces) I would like you to use this format because then I can find everyone's blog address without any help from you.
  5. Check the availability of this name.
  6. Choose a template in the next window and then you will not be able to change it later.
  7. Begin creating your blog. Your first entry should be your first AR journal entry.
  • book title and author
  • reading level of the book
  • page you are on in the book
  • define the literary term for the week (we went over it in class and you should be taking notes while we are going over it)
  • find a web site, video, audio, or other example of the literary term. Then copy and paste the link into your blog entry.
  • Write a paragraph (no less than 5 sentences) summarizing what you have read in the book since the last blog entry.
  • Now write at least a paragraph in which you show your reaction to the text while you have read. This section is one of my favorite sections to check when it’s done correctly. This section helps me figure out books that your classmates may enjoy reading and get to know you so I can help you choose a book if you want. With that in mind, here are a few things you may want to think about as you read.
    • Beginning of books:
    • * Choice Why did you choose that book?
    • * Topics What is the subject of the book?
    • * Prior Reading What books that you have read that are similar to your book?
    • * Genre What genre is the book? What other books have you read from that genre? What can you expect from the genre?
    • * Author Discuss the author and what you can expect because of the author.
    • * Title What is interesting about the title?
    • * Flashbacks, flash-forwards, and foreshadows How did the author use shifts in time? Why?
    • As you read the book:
    • * Plot How quickly or slowly did the author move the plot? Was there enough action and character development?
    • * Plausibility Did the plot ring true? Would characters act and react this way? Were the circumstances believable? Did it matter?
    • * Dialogue Was the talk realistic? Could we hear the individual characters’ voices? What did the dialogue show about the moods, ages, intentions, and backgrounds of the characters?
    • * Affect Did it make you laugh, cry, mad, or any other emotion? Why?
    • * Suspense Did you wonder what would happen next? How does the author keep it suspenseful? Were there any surprises?
    • * Conventions Does the author use short paragraphs or chapters? Sentence fragments? British spellings? Why did the author write this way?
    • * In-jokes Does the author use any creative jokes, allusions, or play with words in interesting ways?
    • At the end of the book:
    • * Was there a surprise ending?
    • * Was the resolution believable?
    • * If there is an epilogue, what was the effect?
    • * Compare this book to others you’ve read.
    • * What research do you think the author would have done to make the book successful?
    • * What did you learn about the world, history, art, politics, science, etc. through this book? (It’s okay to just read for enjoyment, but sometimes you really get to spark your interest in other areas as well.
  1. Now send me an email at or , or your teacher's email, so we can book mark it. Copy and paste your blog address into an email and send it to me. You will receive a grade for this email.
  2. For extra credit, you can fill in your profile, upload a picture of yourself into this profile.

To set up a blog (or a wikispace) for your classroom, there are a couple of steps you will need to do before letting the kids use the computer.
  1. Contact Mrs. Badgley about a week before you need the blog for your lessons. Include the following information: What do you want to call the blog? (A title that the student will cick on the screen.) What students need access to see and write to this blog? (I need a list) Who can see this blog? (Is it public but only authorized users may post to it, or is it open to anyone?)
  2. Once you have sent this information to Mrs. Badgley, she will set up the workgroup manager settings and groups. I will then send you an email when the set up is complete.