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This is a forum for posting technology assistance for teachers. Everyone that is interested is encouraged to join this space and to contribute. As we are all learning new things, finding solutions to new obstacles, sharing new integration ideas, etc. please add it to the appropriate page on the left side in the navigation menu.
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For a definition of wikis or learn how to join this space, simply go to these directions: at Mrs. Badgley's wikispace.

Anyone can create their own wikispace. This is a great way for teachers and students to collaborate to create one really great document. They could write a textbook together while they are learning something. (A tech example might be to create a how to manual for using Alice software. As you find an obstacle in trying to learn something new, each "discoverer" can add to the wikispace to help the other students. Everyone becomes an expert.


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  • Arnold Tech Handbook (for teachers and students, presentations and visitors who want to learn and share about technology integration in the classroom)
  • Mrs. Badgley Wikispaces (Use for class information. Examples: web design elements, Journalism Editing,, etc.)

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